Donate your digital spare change

We help you round up and donate your spare change so you can make an impact seamlessly

How Does it work?

Choose a Non-Profit that you love
Link you bank or credit card and let us round up your transactions
Automatically donate your digital spare change every month!
Data Privacy

We don't save or sell your data, and never will. We partnered with Plaid to allow you to securely link your account. We don't store your bank info or your spending habits.

Direct to Non-Profits

Your donations will directly transfer to non-profits on our platform, we don’t store your money in our account.

Secure Payments

We never store your payment details on our platform, your transactions will be handled securely with Stripe's bank-level security.

Easy Peasy

Donating to charity is hard. It takes time to find non-profits you support, do research, and make donations happen with any frequency. But with Olive, it’s only takes 5 minutes to make an impact.

Choose a Non-Profit that you Love